This Last Tempest

This Last Tempest is a sequel to The Tempest and begins where Shakespeare left off. Caliban and Ariel are left alone on the enchanted island, as Prospero’s ship sails over the horizon and out of view. 

In the hours that follow, the magician’s former servants, the “savage” and the “airy spirit” are free to tell their unheard versions of the story. They use the magic of the words their master taught them to conjure-up their own brave new world, where spirits and monsters are people and inanimate things are alive. They perform a tempest and, as the wild waves roar around them, they begin again together.

Love Letters Straight From Your Heart

Let's raise our glasses to long lost loves and current lovers, to mums, to dads and to absent friends. Uninvited Guests stage an event that is somewhere between a wedding reception, a wake and a radio dedication show. We speak of our own and other's loves - deep, passionate, ambivalent and unrequited - and dedicate songs to them.

If you want to join us on this happy occasion, send a dedication to someone you love to info@uninvited-guests.net.

Watch our trailer here.

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The Unsung

In June 2013 Uninvited Guests developed a new piece at Greenwich and Docklands Festival called The Unsung. They invited local residents, festival-goers and tourists to remember the local heroes of Greenwich and beyond, and to dedicate a memorial to them. 

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