To Those Born Later

A digital dark age is coming.  Soon hackers or a virus will corrupt our files and wipe our digital existence. 

Uninvited Guests are travelling the country to create a digital record of our time, a collection of things that matter to you, to keep in a time capsule that will be opened in 150 years. 

What do you want to be remembered?

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The Lost Palace

Explore Europe's largest palace 300 years after it burnt to the ground. Hear, touch and feel the past using new immersive technology. Read more and buy tickets here.


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Give Me Back My Broken Night

Give Me Back My Broken Night is a collaboration with Duncan Speakman from circumstance.

Give Me Back My Broken Night is a theatrical guided tour, not of the historic past but of the future of your city.

'It was a gorgeous piece that haunts me still'

Maddy Costa, States of Deliquescence blog

#BrokenNight9th April 2013



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